School Holiday Programs

2021 Holiday Programs

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School’s out so why not let MCC keep your kids entertained in the holidays. Our team of energetic, enthusiastic, qualified staff and youth volunteers offer a wide variety of incursions and excursions for primary school kids where they can try new activities and make lots of friends – and naturally have lots of fun!

Important Information
• Please read all details on this website page before booking and attending
• Children must be enrolled in primary school during the year that they are attending the holiday program
• All bookings are made through the Trybooking website
• No booking can be made without full payment
• All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
• Bookings are unable to be changed in any way, including a change of activity, change of date attending or change of child attending
• Any children with special needs must be approved and processed via the coordinator

General Program Details
Each program will run for the duration of the weekdays of the school holidays, excluding public holidays.The December and January program duration will be determined by the Mordialloc Community Centre Manager and Holiday Program Coordinator.

Each program should include:
• 3 – 4 excursions
• 3 – 4 incursions
• 3 – 4 activities involving centre activities
• 2 –4 cooking/baking activities
• 2 arts and crafts activities

Activities will be engaging, interesting and educational so that they give all children the opportunity toenjoy participation outside the normal school environment.


Step 1. GO TO: or search ‘mordialloc community centre’ on the trybooking website
Please note there is a $0.50 trybooking fee per activity booked.

Step 2. Select the session times that you would like to book your child/children into.

Step 3. Please complete the entire booking process, including making payment for ONE CHILD at a time. The ticket limits have been set that you are only able to purchase one ‘ticket’ for each session at a time. This will ensure the correct details are collected for EACH child attending the program

Step 4. Please ensure all information regarding allergies and medical conditions are filled in at the completion of the booking process.

Step 5. If your child has special needs/requirements please make a note of these when booking and one of the Holiday Program team will contact you to discuss the booking. Should you have any difficulty booking please contact: Emma and Hannah by emailing

Child : Staff Ratios

We aim to promote the following ratios for the following types of activities:
Camp MCC 1 adult staff: 15 children
Incursion 1 adult staff: 15 children
Bus Excursion 1 adult staff: 8 children
Walking Excursion 1 adult staff: 8 children
Water Excursion 1 adult staff: 5 children

If you would like to be added to the MCC Holiday Program database for future information please email your name to us at

Program Day Plan

a. All children are signed in by the coordinator at the door to the MP room. Children will not be supervised until the advertised start time, and therefore must not be dropped off to the centre prior to this time.
b. Coordinator manages signing in of children and medication, and confirms the pick-up time, provides any extra information and ensures that there are no unknown special needs, illnesses or allergies.
c. Assistant coordinator welcomes children into the MP room, allocating leaders to ensure that the children are comfortable playing and the parents are happy to leave.
d. Children will participate in inclusive games such as board games, drawing and craft activities so that they have the chance to see new friends and meet new people.
e. The roll is called and children are introduced to leaders, rules and guidelines for the day, break into any groups necessary for the activities.
f. For excursions: Children are given a wristband to wear with contact details for the day. For incursions and activities at the centre: children may be split into groups, leaders accompany the children to allocated
g. Morning tea is held between 10.45am – 11.15am
h. Lunch break is held between 12.45pm – 1.30pm. Children who are booked for morning or afternoon activities only will not have lunch at the program.
i. All children are to be signed out from the MP room at Mordialloc Community Centre. The coordinator is responsible for signing out and returning medication and providing parents of any information relating to the day including issues or injuries relating to the child.

Special Needs

The objective of the Mordialloc Community Centre Special Needs Policy is to clearly state our commitment to social inclusion. We seek to remove barriers to participation in the programs and activities that we administer. All effort will be made to ensure that we can adequately cater for participants with special needs. Users need to understand that in a case where adequate care is not able to be provided,
exclusion may be necessary.

Policy Details include:

MCC will endeavour to provide the adequate care necessary for participants with special needs. This can only be determined by an assessment conducted by the Program Coordinator or the Centre Manager. Factors that will be considered include; participants ability to work in a group, participants ability to follow instructions, participants age and the activity being conducted, staff availability and ability. The Mordialloc Community Centre cannot provide one-to-one care for participants with low functioning special needs that require a full time aid.

The Mordialloc Community Centre has a duty of care to uphold for all its users. The MCC has the right to exclude or terminate association if a breach of safety occurs or a risk becomes evident. The MCC will always take into consideration the safety of all users and staff in a paid and voluntary capacity.

Requirements for children with special needs:
Step 1: Children with special needs must fill out a ‘Special Needs Form’ and gain initial approval from the coordinator before being able to book and pay for the program. If the child has been to the program before they may skip step 2 and enrol into activities as discussed with the parent and coordinator.
Step 2: Upon receiving approval, the child can only be booked in for a centre run activity as a ‘trial’ session, where the child can learn the rules of the program and expectations are explained. This also gives the child the opportunity to get to know the staff and allows the staff to assess their ability to follow instructions.

Injury and Accident

The coordinator and assistant coordinator are trained in first aid. In case of minor injury, necessary first aid is applied by the coordinator, assistant coordinator or first aid trained office staff member. In the case of a major injury, necessary first aid is performed as above, and the injured child’s parent/guardian will be notified and ambulance called if required. In all incidents that require administering of first aid, the coordinator will complete the Mordialloc Community Centre “Incident and Accident Form”. The centre manager also needs to be alerted to the injury. The parent/guardian is required to sign and date the report when signing out the child at the conclusion of the session.

Allergies and Medical Information

A number of children with allergies attend the Holiday Program. Children with allergies are required to wear a brightly coloured wrist band so that leaders can clearly identify the children. Each morning in the staff and volunteer briefing, leaders are updated on any children with allergies. Parents of children with allergies will be emailed a list of food/food products to be used/given throughout the program. Parents will be required to fill in any allergy plan for each day the child attends.
All planned recipes will not contain cooking ingredients that are commonly identified as highly allergic, including nuts and seafood. Where possible, chosen recipes will include ingredients that can be easily substituted with other foods that will not cause allergies for some children, including dairy and wheat/gluten. However it is not possible to cater to individual needs.
All medication must be signed in to the coordinators’ care by the child’s parent when they are dropped off, and collected and signed out by the parent at the conclusion of the day or session. The medication must be clearly labelled with the name of the child, the dosage, administration amount and instruction including an information or treatment plan where appropriate.

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Evaluation and Improvement

During each program, feedback is always noted and valued. We will strive to continually improve the Holiday Program and add value to the Mordialloc Community Centre. We will always aim to provide quality care at an affordable price focussing on involvement and inclusion. Holiday Program policies and procedures will be reviewed frequently by centre management.