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Kindy Gym
WAG Level 1-3
WAG Level 4-6

Mordialloc Gymnastics

Mordialloc Gymnastics is focused on the Australian Levels Program. We provide a range of recreational gymnastics classes from Kindygym to senior levels with the opportunity for every gymnast in the levels program to compete (excludes Kindygym and Beginners). We have an inclusion philosophy and our programming suits all standards and learning abilities.


Our Gymnastics program aims to provide children with skills through a variety of apparatus in a fun relaxed atmosphere, leading onto competition level if so desired. All children are registered with the peak body Gymnastics Victoria and these annual fees are in addition to class fees. All classes are once per week up to level 3-4, unless it is a squad class. Gymnasts have the option to join a squad class by invitation only.

(5-7 years, must be at school) – 1 hour class
WAG level 1  –   1.5  hour classes
WAG level 2  –   2 hour classes
WAG level 3  –   3 hour classes
WAG level 4-6  –  3.5 hour classes


At Mordialloc Community Centre all our activities are run on a term by term basis. This means that is it necessary for families to re-enrol their children into their chosen activities each term. To facilitate this we have a three week enrolment process that takes place during the last three weeks of each term. In week one of this process all current enrolments are given the opportunity to re-enrol into their chosen class; this week is for enrolments into the same class, same day and same time. During the second week of enrolments those wishing to make a change to their current class eg: time, day or class level are given the opportunity to enrol at this time. During week three we open enrolments for all NEW participants.

Please ensure that you take responsibility for this process, the centre is not responsible for those that miss the enrolment cut off dates. We DO NOT send enrolment forms home however enrolment dates are advertised throughout the centre and on our website/facebook page well in advance of the enrolment period. Many of our classes have extensive waiting lists and it is possible to lose a spot in a class if you do not enrol during the advertised time frame. Please speak to an office staff member to seek clarification on this process or for enrolment dates. Please refer to the MCC Term Program for a detailed Enrolment Policy.

Gymnastics Uniform

BEGINNERS: shorts or leggings and a tshirt, or a leotard.
WAG: All gymnasts (level 1 +) are required to wear either
the club training leotard or plain black leotard to class.
Plain black leotards can be purchased from Kmart or similar department store. Training leotards can be ordered at the office.

Level 4+ are required to wear black bike shorts and a crop top or training leotard.

Please note there are to be no zips or buttons or denim as these can cause damage to the equipment and injury to the gymnast.

Gymnasts who are competing in the MCC home friendly competition must be wearing the club training leotard or competition leotard. Gymnasts who are invited to compete at the MCC Invite or other club competitions must be wearing the club competition leotard and the club tracksuit unless otherwise advised by their coach. All of these can be purchased from the office. Gymnasts are to have bare feet whilst training.

KINDYGYM:Comfortable clothing as per the above (nothing too loose, no zips, buttons, denim, belts, skirts or dresses)

No dresses or skirts are to be worn in the gym.


Generally our communication is provided via email. We also have a Facebook page  (Mordialloc Gymnastics @ MCC) and an Instagram page (@mordiallocgymnastics) which provides latest news, dates to remember, pictures and achievements.

Classroom Behaviour

At Mordialloc Gymnastics we pride ourselves on being able to provide a high standard of teaching in a fun and inclusive environment. In order for our coaches to achieve the best results for all students it is important that students show respect for their coaches and other gymnasts, and follow gym rules. We would appreciate your assistance in this. If you have any concerns please contact the Centre Manager or Gymnastic Coordinator

Gymnastic Rules

• No food in the gym – water only
• A water drink bottle is required during each class
• No shoes to be worn in the gym
• No running unless otherwise instructed
• No admittance to the stage area unless instructed
• Do not enter the gym unless your coach has arrived and invited you in
• Have fun and stay safe – be aware of your surroundings


At Mordialloc Community Centre, we consider bullying an unacceptable behaviour, and it will not be tolerated in any circumstances. We aim to ensure participants in all our activities feel safe and welcome within the Mordialloc Community Centre environment. As such, the Coordinator, and/or Mordialloc Community Centre management will actively intervene to prevent and stop any bullying behaviour. If you would like to see a copy of our bullying policy, please email the centre manager at manager@mordicc.org.au

Medical Conditions & Injury Management

To help us achieve the best results with all gymnasts we ask that you make us aware of any medical conditions which may alter the
way in which we instruct your child. This information can be written on your child’s enrolment form, or communicated directly with the
coordinator. We will then pass on any necessary information to the relevant coach.

If your child is recovering from an injury it is important that the coach is made aware of this so they can tailor the class to suit your child’s needs. You should always consult a doctor when returning to gym after an injury and the doctor’s recommendation should be
communicated with your coach to prevent further injury.

If your child is unwell and is believed to be contagious we ask that you keep them away from class until they have recovered. This will
prevent the spread of illness to other gymnasts and the coaches. If your child will not be attending due to illness please call our office.

Gym Make Up Class

Unfortunately we cannot offer make up classes due to all classes being full to capacity.

If your child misses 2 or more consecutive classes due to illness or injury please contact the Centre Manager or speak to our Office Manager or email


Heat Policy

MCC does not cancel classes on days of extreme heat. The gym has air conditioning so classes will still operate but with a modified program and with plenty of drink breaks.

Please note that if your child does not attend because of the heat, class fees cannot be reimbursed.

Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics is the fastest-growing major participation sport in Victoria! Keep up to date with all the news and events around Victoria by visiting Gymnastic Victoria’s website.


Kindy Gym

These classes are aimed at developing a child’s balance, coordination, fine and gross motor skills through fun activities involving movement to music and games, using soft shapes and gymnastic equipment. Parent participation is required for 1-4 year olds.

Please note that no siblings will be allowed to participate in these classes.

Parent involvement
• 1-3 year old – 45 minutes
• 2 year old – 45 minutes
• 3 year old – 45 minutes
No parent involvement
• 4-5 year old – 1 hour class

Trial Classes

We offer trials in all kindy gym classes at a cost of $10, permitting there are places available. Booking a trial class does not guarantee you a place and popular classes may book out prior to you attending your trial. If you would like to trial a class you must call our office to book in.

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