Gymnastic Coaches

Tamika Sheehan

Gymnastics Co-Ordinator

Tamika was a gymnast here at MCC from 2003-2014 working all the way up to WAG level 7.  Tamika has been coaching since 2019 and is an intermediate level coach.

Tamika is now our experience Gymnastics Co-Ordinator and has a passion for our inclusive program.

Mikayla Harvison

Gymnastics Head Coach

Mikayla began her association with MCC as a 6 year old when she was participating in gymnastics, she
completed her training up to WAG level 5. Mikayla is our current Head Coach.
Mikayla is a qualified Intermediate Level Coach and Intermediate Level Judge.

Anastasia Michael

Anastasia Trained in gymnastics at Mordialloc for 6 years, finishing in level 6 in 2013, she began coaching and is a qualified Intermediate level coach and Beginner Level judge. She is currently our Level 6/7 Squad coach.

Sophie Shea

Sophie’s association with MCC began as a baby when she was in Occasional Care then participating in play group, netball and gymnastics. Sophie was a Mordialloc gymnasts for 4 years in primary school and competed in a squad up to level 5.  Sophie started coaching in 2013 as a volunteer, and has since gained her Intermediate coaching qualification.

Laura Caesar

Laura was a Mordialloc gymnast for 10 years finishing her training at WAG level 6 in 2016. Laura is currently studying at university and has been coaching for 3 years.

Laura is also one of our Holiday Program Co-Ordinator’s.

Tara Murley

Tara began her coaching journey in 2019 when she obtained her beginners level coaching accreditation and is now working towards her intermediate accreditation. Tara is now one of our Holiday Program Co-Ordinator’s.

Charlie Niezgodka

Charlie has been attending Gymnastics with us for over 7 years, she also part of our competition team. Charlie is on our WAG Squad Level 6/7. Charlie has been assisting our coaches for 2 years. We love having her on board on our coaching team.

Sasha Borlenghi

Sasha started her gymnastic journey with us when she was 9 years old. She competed up to level 6. She started Volunteering as an assistant coach and is now one of our Junior Blue coaches. 

Phoebe Samson

Phoebe comes to the Centre with a wealth of gymnastics knowledge,  having coached both squad and recreational WAG teams up to level 8. We are very luck to have her.