Gymnastic Coaches

Mikayla Harvison

Gymnastics Co-Ordinator/Head Coach

Mikayla began her association with MCC 16 years ago as a 6 year old when she was participating in gymnastics, she
completed her training up to WAG level 5. Mikayla started coaching as a 14 year old and is our current Head Coach.
Mikayla is a qualified Intermediate Level Coach and Intermediate Level Judge. She is currently undertaking the requirements to complete her Advanced coaching accreditation.

In 2017 Mikayla along with her colleague Anastasia was the recipient of the Alistair Low Memorial award for her outstanding contribution to gymnastics at MCC.

Mikayla is also the Coordinator of our Holiday Program and valuable member of the customer service team.

Mikayla is in her 3rd year of a Midwifery Degree at the Australian Catholic University Mikayla believes that every gymnast should receive the same quality coaching regardless of their ability. Each gymnast should be given the opportunity to perfect their skill before progressing and accept that with failure comes the opportunity for greater challenges.

Mikayla is passionate about coaching the higher levels and has loved watching her gymnast’s progress in skill and confidence over many years.

Hannah Harvison

Hannah began her association with MCC as a 4 year old when she participated in Kinder Gym then moving into gymnastics training up to WAG level 8. Hannah started coaching when she was 15 and is a qualified Intermediate Level Coach.

Hannah is also a passionate dancer and when not coaching she is assistant dance teaching and participating herself
in the advanced level classes of Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop here at MCC.

Hannah is in her 2nd year of a Food Science and Nutrition Degree at Deakin University.

Hannah believes in setting standards high for her gymnasts and pushing them to do their best. She attains respect from her gymnasts by first respecting them.

Anastasia Michael

Anastasia Trained in gymnastics at Mordialloc for 6 years, finishing in level 6 in 2013, she began coaching 7 years ago and is a qualified Intermediate level coach and Beginner Level judge. Anastasia is currently undertaking the requirements to complete her advanced coaching accreditation. In 2017 Anastasia along with her colleague
Mikayla was the recipient of the Alistair Low award for her outstanding contribution to gymnastics at MCC.

Anastasia is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing Degree at Victoria University.

Anastasia believes that coaching gymnastics is not just about talent or how far a child’s physical skills progress. It teaches many valuable life skills including, resilience, perseverance, determination, learning positive lessons through failure and struggle, physical prowess as well as the necessity of mental strength required to achieve goals.

Anastasia’s passion is to inspire students to be the best they can be in an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Gayle West

Gayle is very passionate about teaching gymnastics and feels very lucky to work with children in a sport that she loves. Gayle is a qualified WAG Intermediate Level Coach and also teaches schools gymnastics and kinder gym and MCC.

Gayle started gymnastics training from the age of 7 in New Zealand at a recreational club just like MCC, she went on to join their commercial display team which allowed her squad to perform and compete at many gymnastics events.

Gayle believes that gymnastics has played a very important role in her life – not only was it fun, but it also
established a character of responsibility, physical strength, confidence and helped her to make many good friends.

Gayle ensures that her lessons deliver a happy and fun filled session, where gymnasts make new friends and support each other. Gayle’s experience as a coach is ever changing and rewarding and she is continually amazed at her gymnasts teamwork and personal growth, their positive attitude towards learning and their hard work in achieving new skills.

Sophie Shea

Sophie’s association with MCC began as a baby when she was in Occasional Care then participating in play group, netball and gymnastics. Sophie was a Mordialloc gymnasts for 4 years in primary school and competed in a squad up to level 5. She competed at State Pennant and the Victorian Gymnastics Championships.

Sophie started coaching in 2013 as a volunteer, and has since gained her Intermediate coaching qualification.

Sophie coaches’ beginners, level one and level two and once a week she assists with the kinder gym program. Over the last 5 years Sophie has also supported our Holiday Program and assisted with our junior netball and basketball skills programs.

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing and plans on also completing a Bachelor of Midwifery in the future.

Laura Caesar

Laura was a Mordialloc gymnast for 10 years finishing her training at WAG level 6 in 2016. Laura is currently studying at university and has been coaching for 3 years.

Laura is passionate about coaching gymnastics and loves to see the smiles on the faces of her gymnasts when they learn a new skill.

Tara Murley

Tara is still a current gymnast here at MCC currently training WAG level 6. Tara has been participating in gymnastics here since she was 6 years old.

Tara began her coaching journey in 2019 when she obtained her beginners level coaching accreditation and is now working towards her intermediate accreditation.

Tara is currently doing year 10 at secondary school and teaches her own WAG level 1 class whilst assisting other coaches in higher level classes.
Tara is an extremely confident young coach with passion and love for gymnastics.

She hopes to be able to encourage all her gymnasts work achieve their goals!

Tamika Sheehan

Tamika was a gymnast here at MCC from 2003-2014 working all the way up to WAG level 7.   Tamika then moved onto to pursue her other dream of becoming a dancer.

Tamika danced at MCC for 6 years before being accepted into a full time dance at Spectrum School of Dance in 2019. Tamika returned to MCC as a gymnastics coach in 2019 and is an intermediate level coach.

Tamika is a very vibrant encouraging coach and loves to try new things with her classes. Tamika also teaches our Special Olympics class alongside Mikayla and Tara. When Tamika is not here at the gym she is using her talents as a teacher by teaching dance classes to young children.


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