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Welcome to the Mordialloc Dance Studio. We run classes in all styles, for all ages and offer fun and structured dance classes at affordable prices. At the Mordialloc Community Centre we have an all-inclusive policy and pride ourselves on offering dance classes to all members of our community.

Dance Classes

We offer a wide range of dance classes for students ranging from 2 year of age to adults. Our classes run Monday through to Saturday and are held across four studios – Studio One at MCC, Studio Two at MCC, Multipurpose Room at MCC and the Theatre at Parkdale Secondary College.

• Classical Ballet
• Jazz • Acro
• Tap • Kindy Dance
• Contemporary  • Hip Hop

Meet our Dance Teachers

Dance Concert

Our dance concerts are the highlight of our year for students and teachers. The concerts are a lot of fun and a fantastic experience for students as they develop performance skills, gain confidence and learn to work as a team with their class members. All Pre-school dance to Sub-Junior level students will perform in October Dance Concerts, held in early Term 4, while all Junior and above level students will perform in our December Dance Concerts held at the end of Term 4.

The dance concert is a huge event which requires a commitment from all students participating. Students are expected to attend all classes in term 3 and 4 in preparation for their performance unless they have a valid reason for being absent. Students must also attend the compulsory dress rehearsal/s held the weekend prior to their concert, and photo day (date to be released in term 3).

All students must pay a costume hire fee in order to participate in the concert at a cost of $25 per costume. This fee is to be paid at the beginning of term 4. Depending on which concert you are preforming in this indicates your commitment to the concerts. This fee is nonrefundable. A concert handbook is released in term 3 detailing all concert information. You need to access and read this booklet to ensure you are adequately prepared for the concert. Dress Rehearsals are held a week prior to the students’ concert and attendance is compulsory. Failure to attend dress rehearsal will result in the student being removed from the concert. This is a closed rehearsal where parents are required to leave their children for the allocated time block and collect them once rehearsal is completed. We have a number of staff members assigned to supervise children and provide entertainment so parents are not required to stay. Instead parents will get the nice surprise of seeing their child perform for the first time at the concert.

All students are expected to wear stage make-up at the concert and dress rehearsal, as well as purchase the required stockings and shoes. Information regarding make-up, hair and costumes is released in term 3. If your child will not be participating in the concert the coordinator must be informed prior to the start of term 3. The concerts takes a lot of organisation and preparation, and it is essential that the coordinator is aware of children not performing.


Parents are required to remain in the Kindy Dance classes with their child and provide assistance if needed. To an extent, discipline is the role of the teacher in the class however if your child is misbehaving you may be required to step in. Our teachers run their classes to a set program, designed to develop coordination and increase confidence. Our teachers are experienced in working with young children and create a nurturing classroom, which our students look forward to attending.


For general enquiries please contact our office and any of our friendly staff will be able to help you. All specific dance enquiries should be directed to the Dance Coordinator.

If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please make an appointment to see your child’s teacher with the MCC Office Staff or Coordinator. We ask that this is confined to after class and not whilst the class is in progress.

Please be aware that as classes are generally run back to back any discussions will be very brief. If you would like to discuss anything in depth please contact the Coordinator. All communication with parents and friends is done via email
and social media. Please ensure you read all emails and regularly check the Facebook and Instagram pages to ensure you are up to date on all dance information.

Dance Rules

To ensure our program continues to run at a high standard we ask that the following rules are adhered to:

• Correct and complete studio uniform must be worn to every class
• Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to class starting time
• Do not wear dance shoes outside – bring them with you and change once you arrive
• Bring a drink bottle to all classes
• No food is to be bought into the dance studio
• For safety reasons no large or dangling jewellery can be worn
• Once in class, you may only leave the studio with the permission of the class teacher
• Students must attend class regularly to ensure that all students are able to continuously learn

Trial Classes

We offer trials in all classes at a cost of $10, permitting there are places available.

Booking a trial class does not guarantee you a place and may book out prior to you attending your trial.

If you would like to trial a class you must call our office 24 hours prior to the class to book in.

Classroom Behaviour

At the Mordialloc Dance Studio we pride ourselves on being able to provide a high standard of teaching in a fun and
inclusive environment. In order for our teachers to achieve the best results for all students it is important that students
show respect for their teachers and other students and follow classroom rules.

We would appreciate your assistance in this. If you have any concerns please contact the Coordinator to discuss.


At Mordialloc Community Centre, we consider bullying an unacceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated in any
circumstances. We aim to ensure participants in all our activities feel safe and welcome within the Mordialloc Community Centre environment. As such, the Dance Coordinator, and/or Mordialloc Community Centre management will actively intervene to prevent and stop any bullying behaviour. If you would like to see a copy of our bullying policy please email the centre manager at

Medical Conditions & Injury Management

To help us achieve the best results with all students we ask that you make us aware of any medical conditions which may alter the way in which we instruct your child. This information can be written on your child’s enrolment form, or communicated directly with the coordinator.

We will then pass on any necessary information to the relevant teacher. If your child is recovering from an injury it is important that the teacher is made aware of this so they can tailor the class to suit your child’s needs. You should always consult a doctor when returning to dance class after an injury and the doctor’s recommendation should be communicated with your teacher to prevent further injury.

If your child is unwell and is believed to be contagious we ask that you keep them away from class until they have recovered. This will prevent the spread of illness to other students and the teachers. If your child will not be attending due to illness please call our office.

Dance Make Up Class

Make up classes are ONLY available for Kindy Dance classes and must be taken after the date of the missed class.

Booking a make up class for Kindy Dance must be made by speaking to one of our customer service staff. You are only entitled to one make up class per term.

Heat Policy

MCC does not cancel classes on days of extreme heat. Our studios have air conditioning so classes will still operate, but with a modified program and with plenty of drink breaks.

Please note that if your child does not attend because of the heat, class fees cannot be reimbursed.

Dance Uniform

Uniform is compulsory for all classes. Correct uniform allows for teachers to see students’ technique and posture and provide corrections more easily. Please ensure your child is always dressed appropriately for class, including correct hair. We recommend purchasing dance wear from the following stores, as they hold our current uniform lists:

• Energetiks Moorabin Super Centre: 3/444 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189 Ph: (03) 9551 2799
• Bloch at Chadstone
• Studio 7: 8 Walter St, Moorabbin VIC 3189 Ph: (03) 9555 7372

The Mordialloc Dance Studio uniform is listed below.

Junior and below: Pale pink leotard, pink ballet tights, pink skirt, ballet shoes, hair in a bun Inter and Above: Black leotard, pink ballet tights, black ballet skirt, ballet shoes, hair in a bun

All levels: Black leotard/tshirt/singlet, black shorts/leggings/ skirt, tan jazz shoes, hair in a ponytail

All levels: Black leotard/tshirt/singlet, black shorts/leggings/ skirt, tan tap shoes, hair in a ponytail

All levels: Black leotard/tshirt/singlet, black shorts/leggings, foot thongs, hair in a ponytail
Inter B and above: Black knee pads (Volleyball knee pads from Rebel Sport)

All levels: T-shirt and shorts/leggings any colour, runners, hair in a ponytail

All levels: T-shirt and shorts/leggings any colour, bare feet, hair in ponytail

Free dress, fairies require leather ballet shoes

Assessment and Promotion Protocol

MCC Dance students are assessed during Term 3 to determine their appropriate level for the year based on the considerations as set out below:


MCC Dance teachers collaboratively wrote a curriculum, which outlines the different levels in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. This curriculum is regularly updated, and is not made available to the public. The curriculum is utilised as a guide for teachers outlining the skills that should be taught in each level, as well as the criteria students should meet to progress to the next level. This is not a syllabus, and as such teachers are able to incorporate their own ideas and skills to create challenging, safe, age-appropriate classes that build a strong foundation of technique.

There is no specific curriculum detailed for Hip Hop, Dance Acro. Teachers will promote students in these classes based on the following criterion, as well as when students have demonstrated:
• Development of style
• Appropriate strength and technique to achieve more difficult skills
• Maturity
• An ability to learn choreography


MCC Dance teachers consider the current level of all classes a student is enrolled in when deciding whether the student remains in their current level, or is promoted to the following level. For example, if a student is ready to progress to the next level from Junior Ballet to Inter C Ballet, they will also likely progress from Junior Contemporary to Inter C2 Contemporary. This is not always the case in Intermediate B and above level classes, due to nature of the classes and the required techniques. This process is in place to ensure the streamlining of classes, class timetabling and end of year dance concert.


MCC Dance teachers considers the length of time a student has been in a level when deciding whether to promote them. Traditionally a student will not remain in the same level for longer than 4 years. This is not always the case in Intermediate and above level classes, due to the nature of the classes and the required techniques. No students will be promoted to the next level mid-year.


Student friendship groups are considered when reviewing students’ levels. However, it is not always possible to keep friendship groups together as we aim to ensure all students are challenged in their classes, and as is the case in all activities, some students progress at a faster rate than others.


The ages as detailed in the term brochure are utilised as a guide only. Teachers will consider a student’s age when reviewing all other criteria for promotion.

The current dance coordinator and dance teachers have the final say in whether students will remain in their current level or be promoted to the next level. There are many criteria considered and staff aim to ensure that students are continually being challenged in their level, are executing the techniques/styles safely and accurately, and are in classes appropriate to their maturity level. During Term 4, students will receive a notice recommending which class they should enrol into for the following year.


At Mordialloc Community Centre all our activities are run on a term by term basis. This means that is it necessary for families to re-enrol their children into their chosen activities each term. To facilitate this we have a three week enrolment process that takes place during the last three weeks of each term. In week one of this process all current enrolments are given the opportunity to re-enrol into their chosen class; this week is for enrolments into the same class, same day and same time. During the second week of enrolments those wishing to make a change to their current class eg: time, day or class level are given the opportunity to enrol at this time. During week three we open enrolments for all NEW participants. As a general rule we do not accept new enrolments in term 3 or term 4 due to concert preparations.

Please ensure that you take responsibility for this process, the centre is not responsible for those that miss the enrolment cut off dates. We DO NOT send enrolment forms home however enrolment dates are advertised throughout the centre and on our website/facebook page well in advance of the enrolment period. Many of our classes have extensive waiting lists and it is possible to lose a spot in a class if you do not enrol during the advertised time frame. Please speak to an office staff member to seek clarification on this process or for enrolment dates. Please refer to the MCC Term Program for a detailed Enrolment Policy.